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Seattle, WA


Calligraphy and Invitation Design


Wedding Invitation Wording Resources

Feel free to have fun with your invitation wording and reach out if you need any help crafting it!

You'll need:

  • Invitation wording
  • RSVP card wording
    • You'll need to come up with your RSVP by date
    • Entree options or choices if required for your dinner; dietary restrictions line if desired
    • Lodging line if required for your welcome bags/baskets
  • Details card wording
    • Can include: attire, reception information, lodging information, wedding website, events, etc.
  • Map card, if included
    • Please include a link to the Google map of the area you'd like drawn (it can be a close in of a city and specific streets or a general map of a state or city)
    • Please include 3 images of locations you'd like drawn from the perspective you'd like them drawn from
  • Venue sketch, if included
    • Please include a link/image file of the highest quality, largest file you can find of your venue from the angle you'd like it drawn from. Venues will be drawn exactly as pictured. Revisions are not included, so please make sure the linked image is exactly as you'd like it drawn for your suite.

And don't forget to provide your return address (es). Typically, the host's information goes on the back flap of your outer envelope. This means it may be your parents' address, your address or even your planner's address. RSVP envelopes will be addressed to whoever is compiling guests responses. It may be your planner, wedding coordinator, the host, or to you.  

Guest Addressing

Please feel free to start collecting your guest addresses as soon as possible - sometimes it can take a while to create your list and update addresses for family and friends who have moved recently. Below is a Google spreadsheet you can use to format your guest addressing. Please copy and create a new version of the spreadsheet titled with your first and last name and input your addresses at your convenience. If you already have a spreadsheet started, please be sure it is formatted as the linked spreadsheet below. 

Please note that guest addressing will be done exactly as written. With so many different locations, cities, states, and titles - I'm unable to guess as to whether someone is a Miss, a Ms., a Mrs., a Doctor, or Judge. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

For more information on etiquette, feel free to ask or visit this resource: Emily Post's addressing etiquette