The Semi-Custom Collection

Shop the carefully designed and curated collection line of semi-custom wedding invitations here.

The line of six suites can be customized to fit your personality and your wedding celebration. Options like print methods (luxurious letterpress, the shine of foil, or soft flat printing), color palettes, envelope addressing styles, and add-ons like stamps and ribbon make each suite unique to each couple. 

Overwhelmed, stumped, or not sure semi-custom is right for you? Please reach out.

Elowah vertical full.jpg


The original suite in the semi-custom collection and most-popular suite to date, this suite is endlessly relevant to every type of bride. With a detailed and technical venue sketch topping the main invitation, this invitation suite is a head-turner. Guests will be instantly transported to your venue - be it a French villa, a castle in Scotland, or a family home with meaning to you and your fiance, this invitation is a conversation starter.

Cascade - detail 1.jpg


One of the most popular suites in the semi-custom collection, this suite features a delicate monogram inside a minimal laurel. Simplicity drives this suite, drawing your guest’s eye to your scripted names and wedding information.



Named for a breathtaking waterfall in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon, Latourell is a suite your guests won’t expect and won’t have seen before. With negative space and hand-drawn borders to add edge to some of the softer design elements featured on this suite, Latourell is a wonderful fit for the bride looking for something different.

Wildwood Details 3.jpg


Named for a series of beautiful urban forest trails in Portland, Oregon, this suite is a meeting point for the traditional and the modern. Enhanced by a beautiful, modern venue sketch on the details card, the rest of the suite is traditional. The clean main invitation showcases gorgeous script and your wedding details with a beautifully detailed insert card. A bride and groom looking to meld their traditional roots with their modern life are perfect fits for this suite.

Tumalo full.jpg


Named for a tumbling waterfall in the high-desert of Oregon, this suite is for the bride that loves to wander off the beaten path. A favorite suite for brides getting married abroad in romantic locations like Italy and France and at rustic destinations in the mountains of Colorado, the Tumalo evokes a strong sense of place.



There is no better time to embrace your inner royal than on your wedding day. Start things off with a formal invitation suite adorned with a regal crest and custom monogram. This suite is evocative of formal events and will please any Mother of the Bride or Groom, any grandparent, and any wedding-goer with a discerning eye. Take your paper goods up a notch with this suite.