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Calligraphy and Invitation Design

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Q: How do I book a logo design?

A: Logo designs require a 50% non-refundable deposit to book. The final 50% payment is due prior to delivery of final files at the end of the process. To book, please review the FAQ and Logo package PDF and contact me using the contact form on this page or via email.

Q: What style of logo is the right format for me?

A: This widely varies based on your business and aesthetic but there are a few things you can ask yourself to determine the style of logo that works best for you.

Practical tips: Will you be using your logo on products or need to scale it very large or small based on your business use (e.g. creating branded USB drives or signs for an office space)? If so, you'll want a calligraphy or font logo that has been vectorized. This means the script or text has been converted to digital lines that can be infinitely scaled up or down without losing definition. Will you be using your logo primarily on your website? In this case, you can get away with a scanned logo in a medium like watercolor or pencil. Scans cannot be infinitely resized and are best for limited website use.

Artistic tips: Do you prefer bold and readable logos? Consider fonts, standard calligraphy, or brush lettering. Do you prefer whimsical logos? Consider watercolor. 

Q: What different mediums do you use to create logos?

A: I create logos by hand using three specific mediums: 

  • Pencil - delivered as a scan rather than a vectorized file
  • Calligraphy (using a nib attached to a dip pen, dipped in ink) - can be delivered as a scan (retaining the look of pen on paper) or vectorized file
  • Watercolor - delivered as a scan

Q: What is the standard turn around time?

A: Once you have booked, I will send you a questionnaire or schedule a consultation regarding your logo design. Your first proof will be delivered in 10 business days. Revisions will be delivered within 5 business days or less. Total process can take from 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on revisions.

Q: How many revisions are included in my logo design?

A: A logo package includes 5-8 original concepts and 3 rounds of revisions with one round specifically dedicated to larger changes like a new draft in a new style, and two rounds dedicated to changes to color/font/etc.

Q: What happens if I am not satisfied with my logo design after all of my revisions have been completed?

A: I work hard to ensure you're satisfied at each step of the process but if you feel you need additional revisions or new designs, those are billed at a discounted rate. A new set of drafts (5 new concepts) is billed at 50% of the logo price. Additional revisions are $50 per revision.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: A non-refundable 50% deposit is due upon booking. The second payment is due upon completion of work. No refunds are available after you have received your final files. Should you want to discontinue work on the project at any time after booking, the non-refundable deposit will be kept for work already done. Should you want to discontinue work after any revisions have begun, the calligrapher reserves the right to charge the full amount for the logo.

Q: What file formats will I receive?

A:  High-res PDF, PNG, and JPG and a master file of your logo in black (should you have opted for a color).

*Policies updated 2/12/2018