Kelsey Malie is an invitation designer and calligrapher in Chicago

Welcome and congratulations to the newly engaged looking for their perfect wedding invitation suite. I'd love to get to know you and welcome you to reach out regarding your paper goods. But in the meantime, I hope to share a little more about the Kelsey Malie bride.

You can't help but to collect beautiful things - perhaps it's fresh flowers every Sunday, a set of a botanical lithographs, family heirlooms, or adventure. You love to be surrounded by history. Whether it's the history of your romance, the generations that came before you, or pretty antiques, you believe in a deep connection to your past. You know, above all else, that your wedding day is a chance to celebrate the things that brought you and your fiancé together. Your goal is to give all of your guests, whether there are 10 or 200, a personal and intimate experience from the very first hand-calligraphed envelope that they'll open to a personalized menu slipped into the napkin at your reception.

semi custom calligraphy invitations

The Semi-Custom Collection

Semi-custom invitation suites are the perfect way to offer your guests a beautiful introduction to your wedding - with high quality paper, printing methods, and beautiful illustrations, the suites take your invitation to a personal level.


Juniper Suite

Romantic, garden inspired invitation suite on soft cotton hand-torn paper. Available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes for the perfectly customized invitation. Available on straight edge paper as well.


Pacific Suite

Pictured on handmade Arpa paper from Spain, the Pacific suite incorporates a technical venue drawing that can be worked into your entire paper suite and day of goods.


Talus Suite

Laurels and a classic monogram adorn this romantic suite pictured on soft cotton paper. Wrapped in vellum and sealed with a wax seal or tied with a piece of silk ribbon, this suite is perfect with add-ons.



Please feel free to reach out regarding pricing, invitation design, collaboration, or logo design. Let's talk!


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