• What is your turn around time for physical wedding invitations?
    • The design process can take as long as a few months to as short as a few weeks. Ordering and testing paper and ink can also take 1-2 weeks. The physical writing portion of the process is usually about a week and a half, depending on the number of invitations needed. I always recommend brides give themselves 4-6 weeks at a minimum for invitation design, but 6-8 weeks or more is preferable.

Booking Process + Payment 

  • Does a wedding suite package come with phone consultations?
    • It is always helpful to discuss your vision over the phone before we get started, and I offer that as well as another call mid-way through the design process to check in and make sure everything is satisfactory.
  • How does payment work?
    • Once you decide you'd like to work with me, I require a 50% deposit for paper goods, design time, and other materials. The final payment is due upon the mail date of your materials. I can accept PayPal and Etsy payments.
  • Do you work directly with the wedding planner or the bride?
    • Either! If I am working with a wedding planner, I find it helpful for a three-way phone consultation to kick off the design process. That way I can hear your vision and understand what you're looking for, then do coordination with the wedding planner afterwards.
  • Do you provide samples before I make a decision?
    • Because I only do custom calligraphy work (everything is hand-designed in consultation with you), I do not have samples on hand. If you do book with me, I will send a physical sample to you before you during the design process for your final approval.
  • Can I see work you've already done before I book?
    • My website (press page, design page, and front page), Instagram, and Etsy shop are the best ways to see work I've done. I can also send some sample images or in-progress work with other brides if you need more information.

Other Services

  • Do you offer printing services in addition to hand-written and digital design?
    • At this time, I do not, but I can recommend a few services my brides have used when we talk.
  • Do you stamp, stuff, and seal envelopes?
    • I do not traditionally perform this service, but for additional fees, I can do this for the time-strapped bride. Brides often like to receive their materials, proofread, and use their own stamps. Wedding planners often provide this service as well. 
  • I saw a design I like on Pinterest, can you copy that?
    • I can take inspiration from images you've seen and use them to inform your wedding invitation suite, but I (legally) cannot copy artists other work and (personally) don't want to. I recommend you look at my body of work to see if my style looks like your style. If you aren't satisfied with my body of work, it's likely that we'll have an arduous design process and you might be dissatisfied.