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Calligraphy and Invitation Design




Our most popular invitation suite

Ordering the Semi-Custom Elowah Suite

from 1,005.00

Step 1: Select your quantity of invitation suites. 

Be sure to include enough for any last minute invitees, a copy for your photographer, and a keepsake for you and your parents. Invitations should be ordered per household. In a household with someone over the age of eighteen (e.g. a 20 year old son living with parents or a 25 year old married couple living with their parents), one invitation should be sent to both the head of household and the additional over-18 adults.

Step 2: Choose your print method.

Flat or digital printing is the most economical print method. It is a beautiful flat print on cotton, letterpress-weight paper. A flat print has no texture raised on or impressed into the page. 

Letterpress is a beautiful, old print method. A plate is created of your design, covered in ink and then pressed into cotton paper to make a deep impression on the page. This is a gorgeous and very tactile print method.

Foil is the most expensive option for your suite and the most luxurious. A plate is made of your design and then a piece of foil is positioned between the heated plate and the paper. Once pressed onto the paper, heat activated the adhesive and you have a beautifully impressed shining design. Foil colors available include copper, gold, rose gold, white foil, and more!

Step 3: Choose your paper type

This is a personal decision based on the feel, texture, and mood you'd like to set with your invitation suite.

110# cotton paper. This paper comes in pearl white (slight off-white), ecru (a true cream), and fluorescent white (true white). This is a beautiful, letterpress weight paper in a standard thickness that is soft to the touch due to the cotton material.

220# cotton paper. This is a double-thick paper that comes in the same colors as the 110#. It is a truly thick sheet and feels much thicker than any standard cardstock. It can stand up on it's own due to the thickness. This is a popular choice to elevate the luxe feel of an invite and popular with formal brides.

Handmade paper. True to it's name, handmade paper is handmade in molds. It is very textural, comes in one weight which varies per paper batch, and is irregular. Some sheets are very uniform and some are very textured. It is a wonderful way to incorporate beautiful texture and organic feel in your wedding invitation suite.

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