Calligraphy and Crest Design Styles

The following calligraphy and crest styles are all hand-written and custom to each bride and groom. They are not fonts. These styles can be applied to any custom wedding invitation design, logo design, digital invitation design, or package invitation suite.

Calligraphy Styles

The Seattle is a slanted script, with more space between letters to give the script a romantic yet modern feel. This script is for the bride that wants an updated invitation that still invokes romantic calligraphy.

Kelsey Malie Calligrahy Whimsical Script

The Whimsical is a tight script that merges the modern and the Seattle and Portland scripts. For the bride that wants an updated invitation that isn't too stiff or sharp.

The Modern is a loopy, rounded script that is best for the traditional bride that doesn't want stuffy or too formal invitations. A lot of loops make the Modern a wonderful addition to a formal suite with lots of pretty details. 


The Portland is a variation on the Seattle with more even line heights and letters that all start at the same point on the line. It's an updated 

Crest and Monogram Styles


Crests are available in shield shapes, as simple laurels, as shields decorated in laurels, and with banners below.

Monograms are available in multiple formats: 

  • one letter (the future last name of the couple)
  • a full, formal monogram (first name of the groom, future last name of the couple, and first name of the bride)
  • the first initials of the bride and groom

Add-ons can include an "established" line, a wedding date, a location