Hi! I'm Kelsey. 

I'm originally from Hawaii, went to college in Seattle, moved to Portland, Oregon, and am now living in Chicago, Illinois for a year. I absolutely love paper goods but I absolutely live to get outside and hike, walk, bird, explore. Boots on or off, post or pre-hike, find me drinking wine or craft beer, and I love a good Rye. Most days, I'm enjoying the very loud company of my two cats (a tabby named Archer and a Maine Coon named Charlie) and my husband. 

My husband, Ben, and I got married in my original home state of Hawaii, on the island of O'ahu. We had a 38 person wedding and I discovered my love of calligraphy during my planning process. I couldn't find a single invitation suite I liked and picked up a pointed pen to learn. I have a soft spot in my heart for intimate and destination weddings that incorporate fine details for beloved guests.

I love to laugh, listen to about four hours of podcasts a day and I think I've watched every single show on Netflix. Please feel free to reach out with questions about calligraphy, invitation suites, custom designs for your day of, or just to chat.


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